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A Comparison of Spider Vein Treatments

Spider veins or Telangiectasia are small, spider web-shaped patterns of blood vessels on your face, arms, neck legs and back. They’re usually red, but can also be blue or purple, and may be an early sign of venous insuffiency.

Women are more twice as likely to get them than men. If they become more unsightly or more painful, treatment is recommended.  And these treatments are covered by your medical insurance.

What is one of the most popular spider vein treatments?
To eliminate the problem, the experts at Maryland Vein Professionals will evaluate your spider veins.

The most effective and commonly used chemical spider vein treatment is Sclerotherapy, which causes problem veins to disappear and be absorbed by the body. The blood flow is naturally re-routed to nearbyhealthy veins, making the spider vein appear to disappear.

Performed by our team of sclerotherapists who have over 40 years of combined nursing experience,Sclerotherapy is effective on small spider veins, medium size reticular (blue) veins, large, bulging varicose veins and even on larger truncal veins.

What are other treatments for spider veins?
Maryland Vein Professionals offers minimally invasive treatment options like VNUS Closure to address your larger source veins. However, once any underlying large vein insufficiency has been excluded or treated, Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice to address the most superficial spider veins. Venous blood pattern is meant to course up the body to return the blood to the liver and kidneys for cleansing.

While spider veins is not yet curable, the progressive nature of vein disease can be slowed and controlled. Other treatments include:

  • Heavy support hose.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications.
  • And leg elevation.

You should know that if you only opt for superficial spider vein treatments, your veins may become dark blotches. The underlying problem is never considered or treated. A careful specialist ultrasound evaluation may show a deeper source of reflux in a larger source vein.

For more information about Sclerotherapy as a spider vein treatment, visit or contact us toll-free today at 877-303-VEIN for a complimentary consultation.

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