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A Few Love Letters From Our Maryland Vein Professional Patients

Red keyboard with white heart keysWe truly cherish receiving testimonials like these from our patients about minimally invasive varicose vein procedures. Here are a few recently received love letters…

A 5-Star Review:
“Dr. Calure Changed My Life!
Before: I have had varicose veins all my life. I got them from my Mom. When I was a teen I had a little vein pop on my upper thigh. That vein grew to the size of half a grapefruit by the time I was an adult.

“Big veins, like straws, deformed my legs. My left ankle was black with excessive veins. I was embarrassed to show my legs. My legs hurt, especially when another vein was popping out. They were heavy when I walked, and itched… I would occasionally scratch them bloody. I felt like a freak.

“After: Dr. Calure has changed my life. I had several closure procedures. Can’t believe I waited so long. I can now wear a swimsuit  and not be embarrassed. I can wear nice sandals and dresses for the first time in my life.

“My legs feel light and good when I walk. I can stand on the risers when I sing, and not have my legs hurt. My legs don’t itch. My legs are not deformed and ugly. I feel better about myself. I feel pretty, and normal. I am forever grateful for you, Dr. Calure, your gifted hands, and your fantastic friendly staff. Thank you.”– B.W., 1/20/19

One More 5-Star Review:
“I thought everyone was very personable and attentive. I was always taken on time and Dr. Hupp did a good job explaining what was going to happen, which is always helpful. I am very happy with the office and the team. Thanks.” – L.M., 1/16/19

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