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A Few Love Letters From Our Maryland Vein Professional Patients

We truly cherish receiving testimonials like these from our patients about minimally invasive varicose vein procedures. Here are a few recently received love letters…

A 5-Star Review:
“Dr. Calure Changed My Life!
Before: I have had varicose veins all my life. I got them from my Mom. When I was a teen I had a little vein pop on my upper thigh. That vein grew to the size of half a grapefruit by the time I was an adult.

“Big veins, like straws, deformed my legs. My left ankle was black with excessive veins. I was embarrassed to show my legs. My legs hurt, especially when another vein was popping out. They were heavy when I walked, and itched… I would occasionally scratch them bloody. I felt like a freak.

“After: Dr. Calure has changed my life. I had several closure procedures. Can’t believe I waited so long. I can now wear a swimsuit  and not be embarrassed. I can wear nice sandals and dresses for the first time in my life.

“My legs feel light and good when I walk. I can stand on the risers when I sing, and not have my legs hurt. My legs don’t itch. My legs are not deformed and ugly. I feel better about myself. I feel pretty, and normal. I am forever grateful for you, Dr. Calure, your gifted hands, and your fantastic friendly staff. Thank you.”– B.W., 1/20/19

One More 5-Star Review:
“I thought everyone was very personable and attentive. I was always taken on time and Dr. Hupp did a good job explaining what was going to happen, which is always helpful. I am very happy with the office and the team. Thanks.” – L.M., 1/16/19

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