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A New Varicose Vein Testimonial for VNUS Closure

Each week this month at Maryland Vein Professionals, we’re going to share testimonials from our satisfied varicose vein and spider vein patients. This week, you’ll hear from another patient about the VNUS Closure Procedure.

After One Leg Was Treated, Alli Wanted The Other Leg Done.

VNUS Closure procedures are an alternative treatment to traditional vein stripping surgery, said Dr. Jonathan Calure, Surgical Director and President of Maryland Vein Professionals. For Alli, this particular procedure was routine. It enabled us to use state-of-the-art technology to treat an age-old disease. Treatment times are usually less than 2 minutes. Patients are typically in and out of the office in less than 90 minutes. Best of all, her medical insurance covered the varicose vein treatments.

After my first leg was treated, I could feel less pressure and pooling in my leg, Alli said. It was noticeable after the numbing medicine wore off. I could not wait for the other leg to be done, the level of discomfort at that point was very obvious.

She added, Attention to detail (by Dr. Calure and his staff), including movies to facilitate relaxation and explanation of  here’s what we are going to do next takes apprehension to a minimum.


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  1. Hi…

    To give the most accurate response we would need to see you and evaluate the venous anatomy with ultrasound. There may be a simple explanation such as an ongoing pressure source in a still open vein or reopening of a treated vein. In general vein disease will worsen with time, and the issue is
    control rather than cure, much like high blood pressure or diabetes.

    Jonathan Calure, M.D.
    Maryland Vein Professionals, L.L.C.

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