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And The Award for Best Vein Practice Goes To…

Gold TrophyAwards Season seems to be in full swing. The Golden Globe awards were doled out last Sunday night for film and TV favorites. Yesterday, the Oscars® announced their nominations for 2013.

So in the spirit of the best of the best, Maryland Vein Professionals would like to make some slightly biased award nominations:

  • Best Surgeons in The Baltimore/ Annapolis Area – It’s a tie between Dr. Jonathan Calure and Dr. Joseph McClain (Cardiovascular Surgeons)  and Dr. Jane Lingelbach (Vascular Surgeon). Between the three of them, they have over 60 years of experience in the practice of vascular surgery, are both board certified vascular and cardiovascular surgeons,  and have performed more than 20,000 minimally invasive procedures since 2006.
  • Best Clinical Providers – A three-way tie; this time between Rosane, Kelley and Quincy. We think they’re all award-worthy!
  • Best Sclerotherapy Team – Again, this is a tie between Angela, Maureen, Juliana, Tracey, Susan, Kristin, Lindsey, Mary Beth and Brittany. Each is an all-star in her field.
  • Office Sonography Team – Nichelle, Sherrie, Diana, Crystal, Mulu, April, Erica, and Roxanna have over 20 years of combined experience with MVP.
  • Administration Team – Between Lindsay, who handles our marketing; Cassie and Heather, who are our pre-authorization specialists; Lacey, Ann Marie, Melissa and Nancy, our clinical coordinators; as well as Kathy and Shirley, our billing experts, we just can’t decide who wins. They’re all equally qualified as the Best Supporting Cast in the business.

Why not make an appointment today at 443-393-6100 and let our MVP staff reward you with great service and healthy legs! In fact, we have free varicose vein screenings on February 4th in Columbia and February 5th in Annapolis — and most future procedures are covered by most insurance.


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