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Are Painful Varicose Veins Taxing Your Legs? MVP Has a Solution

april-15-c-300x300In 1963, while having lunch with his accountant in Princeton, New Jersey, Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.”

His accountant replied, “There is one thing more difficult, and that is your theory of relativity.” “Oh, no,” Einstein replied, ”that is easy.” But to that, Mrs. Einstein added, “Yes, for you.”

Well, whether you think the income tax is easy to understand or not, everyone at Maryland Vein Professionals agrees that venous insufficiency (vein disease) is very easy to understand… once you know that each of the symptoms can tax your leg energy.

These symptoms include painful, bulging varicose veins… unsightly spider veins… leg or ankle swelling… a “heavy” feeling in your legs… restless legs… open wounds or sores in your legs…. skin discoloration or texture changes.

Furthermore, MVP knows that vein disease is a progressive medical condition that can get worse over time, that we have a customized vein procedure for every patient, and that most varicose vein procedures are covered by your insurance.

Contact our office to make an appointment for one of our free vein screenings or call 877-303-VEIN (8346) for more information. We are hosting free screenings on Tuesday, April 21st in Columbia, on Wednesday, April 22nd in Annapolis and Baltimore, and on Friday, April 24th in Chevy Chase. Call today as we have limited availability for each screening date.


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