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Female Tennis Player Giving Female Competitor Handshake

Spring is in the Air: Can Shorts Be Far Behind?

The first day of spring is March 20. While this month’s forecast shows cool weather, much warmer days will be here soon. So ask yourself these three questions: “Are my legs ready for spring?”, “Can shorts, skirts and swimsuits be far behind?”, and “Am I ready to show off my healthy looking legs at the beach, pool, lake, tennis court, or golf course?”
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Woman With Brown Hair Smiling On Paused Video Thumbnail With Spanish Text

MVP Television Commercial: “Y Hablamos Español”

(If you speak Spanish, so does Maryland Vein Professionals – and we’re fluent in varicose vein procedures.) Si habla español, también lo hacen los profesionales de la vena de Maryland, y somos fluidos en los procedimientos de venas varicosas. (Our Spanish TV ad featuring Jessica has become very popular. Watch it here.) Nuestro anuncio televisivo en español con Jessica se ha vuelto muy popular. Míralo aqui.
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