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Secrets Your Mother Never Told You About Your Veins

Did your Mother even tell you how she met your Father? Of course, she did! Did she share her favorite recipes with you? She certainly did that, too. But did your Mother ever tell you that varicose veins are inherited? Did she mention that if she had bulging, painful, swollen varicose veins, then there's a good chance that you might suffer from superficial venous reflux disease in the future?
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Give The Best Gift For Mother’s Day: Healthy Legs!

For Mother’s Day, you–or your Mom–deserves the gift of healthy, attractive legs. After all, if you ignore your symptoms of pain and swelling that could become varicose veins, or your blotchy, unsightly spider veins, these can lead to even worse medical problems in the future. Plus, you should know that if your Mother had varicose veins, you very well could have them, too, because of your family history.
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Varicose Vein Video Testimonials for Maryland Vein Professionals

Because Maryland Vein Professionals focuses only vein care at each of our six convenient locations, we’ve received some glowing feedback from our patients. Watch these video varicose vein testimonials and see what just a few of our patients say about their varicose vein treatments. Because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is certainly worth tens of thousands...
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Do You Have Spring Fever? 5 Ways To Show Off Your Legs

Now that Major League Baseball has begun its season this week and the Orioles opened at home this weekend, Maryland Vein Professionals wants to remind you that there are at least five ways to show off your legs this spring: 1) Wear shorts to a ball game, whether it's the O's, a Little League game or your softball league game. 2) Wear a skirt to the office. 3) Wear a swimsuit to the pool or the shore. 4) Wear shorts to play tennis. 5) Wear shorts to play golf.
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The Color Purple: Good or Bad?

Our Baltimore Ravens will be playing for the NFC East Title this Sunday vs. the New England Patriots. If the Ravens should win, they’ll contend for their second Super Bowl win this millennium. So naturally, everyone’s rooting for and wearing the Ravens’ team color: purple. That’s a good thing for the city, for the team, and for the fans. But when is wearing purple a bad thing? When the purple represents bulging, swollen, itchy and unsightly varicose veins on your legs.
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Make a New Year’s Resolution: Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Do you always keep some of your New Year’s Resolutions? A study from psychologists at the University of Scranton found that more than 60% were still going strong by the end of January and your odds of keeping your resolution improve by making it past the first month. In fact, simply labeling a goal as a “resolution” helps, whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or taking more time for yourself. So at Maryland Vein Professionals, we propose a simple New Years Resolution for any man or woman suffering from ugly, painful, swollen or bulging varicose veins, or any blotchy, unsightly spider veins: Make this the year that you finally get rid of ugly veins!
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The Most Common Symptoms for Vein Disease

At Maryland Vein Professionals, we frequently receive calls from people just like you who are concerned about their leg pain. They want to know if their symptoms are indicative of vein disease. Below is a list of the most common symptoms for VNUS insufficiency, which often result in varicose veins and/or spider veins. Do you have any of these symptoms? Leg pain... leg cramping... leg aching...
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Experience the MVP Difference: The MVP Advantage

The MVP Difference can best be summed up as The MVP Advantage to treat both painful, swollen or bulging varicose veins and unsightly spider veins: MVP Advantage #1: Our Physicians Are Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeons or Vascular Surgeons. Our Maryland Vein Professionals physicians have the proven success, experience, training, and knowledge in treating diseases of the blood vessels.
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MVP Gives Thanks

Everyone at Maryland Vein Professionals wants to collectively say “Thank You” to our valued varicose vein and spider vein patients, to our referring physicians, to our cherished employees, and to all of our friends and family members for their ongoing support. Print this Thanksgiving turkey artwork so your kids or grandkids will have something to color during this festive fall holiday.
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What Will You Watch During Your In-Office Varicose Vein Procedure?

At Maryland Vein Professionals, we pride ourselves on offering compassionate,expert patient care from your consultation to your varicose vein procedures to your follow-up visit. One way we do that is by letting you pass the time during your procedures by being able to watch your choice of favorite movies or concerts on DVD on a big, flat-screen TV right above you. Now, here’s a list of our ten most popular movies to watch at MVP.
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