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Does Insurance Cover My Varicose Vein Treatment?

True or false?

1)Medical insurance covers varicose vein removal.

2)Varicose and spider veins cause pain, fatigue, swelling, itching, restless legs and many other symptoms.

3)Vein disease is a health issue indicating a circulatory system disorder called venous insufficiency and not just a cosmetic concern.

4)Left untreated, venous insufficiency can lead to more serious complications, including phlebitis, ulceration and deep vein thrombosis.

All of the above are True, especially #1 because most major insurance carriers and Medicare do provide coverage for the medically necessary treatment of venous insufficiency, such as varicose vein removal.  It is also true that medical insurance does not and should not cover cosmetic treatments. By the way, some vein disease is limited to the skin surface with no deeper medical condition.

Start With a Careful Evaluation

Tiny ultrasound image of vein

To determine what sort of treatment is covered by medical insurance for varicose veins, a careful specialist evaluation is necessary.

It begins with a complete venous assessment of your legs, including a special ultrasound to evaluate veins below the skin, to assess the anatomy and to determine the health of the deeper veins whose branches you see at the skin surface. Patients who suffer from symptoms mentioned above are often found on ultrasound to have venous insufficiency.

Consider Where To Seek Treatment.

If you’re thinking of seeking care for your veins that may be covered by insurance for varicose veins, consider Vein-Only Specialists who devote their clinical practice exclusively to this complex disease process.

A Vein Care Specialist will also employ expert Venous Sonography, a team of Sclerotherapists and a team of support personnel to aid patients with all forms of questions from office directions to preauthorization for medical insurance for varicose veins.

Take Advantage of Outpatient Procedures.

Image of empty exam room next to image of man's "before and after" photos of Varicose veins

The best results for varicose vein treatment are obtained in an outpatient facility designed specifically for this purpose where the equipment and space are readily available. Though the VNUS Closure Procedure is minimally invasive, it is still a surgical procedure, which must be performed in the appropriate outpatient environment.

The 3,500 square foot facility of Maryland Vein Professionals in Columbia offers several treatment rooms devoted exclusively to vein care. In fact, patients can sit back and enjoy a movie while having a treatment for varicose vein removal.

To find out which varicose vein treatments are covered by most types of insurance, please visit www.MDVeinProfessionals. Or call us at 877-7MD-VEIN to schedule your venous evaluation.

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