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Happy Holidays 2015 from Maryland Vein Professionals

Man in Santa costume sitting in front of a computerWhatever holiday you celebrate in your home, every one of the 50+ employees at our four Maryland Vein Professionals offices would like to extend the warmest  wishes of the season and best regards for a happy, healthy and very prosperous New Year for 2016… with healthy legs, too!

If you happen to have bulging varicose veins, you might notice that your legs are hurting you a bit more as you stand at family gatherings, office parties, or in your kitchen preparing your traditional holiday meals and favorite dishes to share.

So if your legs are aching, swollen or you notice blue-green bulging varicose veins, or even if you happen to see unsightly spider veins, just call Maryland Vein Professionals today at 1-877-303-VEIN (877-303-8346) to schedule a formal venous evaluation appointment with any of our Board-Certified Cardiovascular, Vascular or General surgeons.

If we diagnose your medical problem, you can be wearing shorts, skirts and swimsuits without embarrassment by next spring. There’s a minimally invasive treatment option for your varicose veins problem and most procedures are covered by medical insurance.


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