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“I Had Painful, Swollen Varicose Veins”: New MVP Video Testimonial

Before she began working at Maryland Vein Professionals as a Medical Technician, Corrine spent long days on her feet at trade shows and jogged miles per week.

Watch her MVP video testimonial:

She said: “For years, I had ugly, painful, swollen varicose veins from running and being on my feet all day.
I found Maryland Vein Professionals and now my legs look and feel great…
In fact, I was so pleased with my results that I came to work for them…
So if you have vein problems, you know who to call…”

If you know someone like Corrine, you may have swollen veins, aching legs, restless legs, bulging veins, ugly varicose veins or even unsightly spider veins, you should call MVP, which is owned by a Maryland doctor, not a national chain, and accepts most insurance plans.

To make an appointment for a complimentary vein screening to see if you have vein disease, call MVP at 1-800-VARICOSE.

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