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Is Getting Rid of Your Varicose Veins a New Year’s Resolution?

happy_new_year_2014_freeFact: According to a Harris Poll, millions of Americans promise to improve themselves in 2014 with a New Year’s Resolution.

Fact: The ten most popular include: lose weight, improve your finances, exercise more, get a better job, eat healthy, manage your stress more effectively, quit smoking, improve a relationship, stop procrastinating, and set aside more time for yourself.

Fact: But only about 8 percent of us actually keep our New Year’s Resolutions, and a high percentage abandon them by the end of January.

One Resolution You Can Actually Keep.
If your legs are bulging, aching, swelling or feel “heavy” –– and if you’ve been bothered by varicose veins for years –– why not make getting rid of them one of your New Year’s Resolution for 2014?

Fact: Varicose veins –– and vein disease –– are a medical condition, not just a cosmetic issue, that will get worse over time.

Fact: Vein disease affects about 30% of Americans (70% of females and 30% of males).

Fact: You can make an appointment now at Maryland Vein Professionals for a free vein screening on Tuesday, February 4th in Columbia; or Wednesday, February 5th in Annapolis; or Monday, February 10th in Salisbury. Space is limited at each of our Treatment Centers, so please call MVP today at 1-877-7-MD-VEIN (877-763-8346) to schedule a formal venous evaluation appointment with any of our Board-Certified Cardiovascular or Vascular surgeons.

If we diagnose your medical problem, you can be wearing shorts, skirts and swimsuits without embarrassment by next spring. There’s a minimally invasive treatment option for your varicose veins problem and most procedures are covered by medical insurance.

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