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Maryland Vein Professionals Physician Training Program

Jonathan Calure, MDAre you a vein specialist who wants to take his or her practice to the next level?

Are you a skilled practitioner but need help with how to run your office more efficiently?

Are you falling behind your competitors because they’re advertising more successfully?

If any of these describe your healthcare practice, you should know about Maryland Vein Professionals’ Physician Training Program.

It’s led by board-certified cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Jonathan Calure, who was one of the first physicians in the Washington, DC-Baltimore region to perform Venefit and has since performed over 35,000 endovenous ablation procedures. Dr. Calure:

  • Founded MVP in 2006 with the mission of being Maryland’s Premier Vein Care Specialty practice.
  • In the decade that has followed, his practice has grown to 5 offices and over 50 staff, including 6 board-certified vascular, cardiovascular or general surgery physicians, as well as 3 nurse practitioners, 9 sclerotherapists, 8 sonographers, 10 administrative staff, and 14 technical assistants.
  • Now offering physicians a two-day advanced training course that also includes business start-up and marketing models for success.

Each two-day course is designed for the Physician who may be new to phlebology, who is looking to establish a new practice or who wants to improve an existing vein practice. This dynamic, on-site program encompasses a “soup to nuts” synopsis of how to establish and manage a high volume vein center like Maryland Vein Professionals.

Here’s what a few physicians have said about this unique peer-to-peer course:

“I have been in a vein practice since 2004 but the 2 days that I spent with Dr. Calure were so valuable. I learned things about the business of running a vein practice that I had never known before and am excited to implement. Thank you Dr. Calure for sharing your knowledge and experience with the vein community!” – Dr. Mark Kim, Seattle, WA


“I cannot describe to you how enriching my experience at MVP was. A place where unparalleled knowledge, expertise and professionalism perfectly fits your team. Add to that a genuine blend of courtesy and savoir faire!

“I truly am very impressed with your teaching abilities as well as your well versed business style.

“I have trained and worked with some very prominent teachers but I can definitely attest that you are head and shoulders above everybody i’ve known.” – Dr. N.A., Intreventional Radiology

“I have had nearly two days to digest everything you taught me. I will start by saying I thought your course was excellent. Your office, directions and introduction were perfect. I had no problems finding the hotel or your outpatient clinic. Your clinic is aesthetically pleasing and welcomes people into it simply by it appearance…

“Your approach to venous insufficiency is refreshing because everyone else I had ever heard of doing this seemed to approach it through more of a cosmetic approach instead of the real medical condition it is. Clearly you approach your job with the enthusiasm of a cardiac surgeon and I really appreciated that…

“Please let each staff member know I appreciated their involvement in my learning and that they are working for a top notch professional, yourself, and a great clinical enterprise. Thank you for your time and feel free to share this with VNUS or anyone else you think is appropriate.” – Dr. J.M., CV Surgeon, Maine

For course topics and more information, visit our Maryland Vein Professionals’ Physician Training Program page or call 877-303-8346.

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