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Six Easy Tips for Healthy Legs

Sigvaris_450Maryland Vein Professionals always wants our patients to know how to make their legs feel better. Here are six easy-to-follow tips for keeping your legs healthy from our colleagues at SIGVARIS STOCKINGS, the brand of compression hose that MVP prefers for our patients with chronic venous disorders, varicose veins, tired or aching legs, swollen feet or ankles, plus for pre- and post-vein procedure wear…

1. Move!
Walk, climb stairs, move your legs around the office, and move around at home. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing, which may cause leg pain and swelling.

2. Refresh Your Legs
After a long, tiring day, or during hot weather, refresh your legs with a cool shower. Avoid long exposure to heat such as sunbathing, hot baths, or saunas that may cause your veins to dilate and mayb induce swelling.

3. Raise Your Legs
To ease the venous blood return (also known as venous reflux), elevate your legs at home while sitting on your sofa or while lying in bed. At the office, have a leg rest under your desk to raise your legs periodically throughout the day.

4. Exercise Your Legs
Regular exercise is always recommended for a healthy body. Some sports reinforce a better venous blood return, including swimming, walking, biking, gymnastics, or yoga. Sports associated with sudden, brutal stops like tennis, squash, hockey, volleyball, softball or basketball are less beneficial.

5. Control Your Weight
Maintaining a healthy diet will help you keep a normal weight, which can lessen any leg symptoms and corresponding swelling.

6. Wear Sigvaris Graduated Compression Socks and Stockings
Speak to any of MVP’s Cardiovascular or Vascular surgeons about whether you should start wearing SIGVARIS quality compression socks and stockings as part of your individual treatment plan to improve venous circulation to prevent and treat your vein problems.

For more information, visit Maryland Vein Professionals or SIGVARIS STOCKINGS.


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