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Six Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day You May Not Know

Animated angels holding bow and arrows with heart in the middle above Valentine's day signSt. Valentine is part myth and part legend. Whoever he was, he became the catalyst for a wonderful annual celebration of love. Read on to find some interesting facts that we at Maryland Vein Professionals found very interesting…

  • Valentine was a real person who died around the year 270 A.D. However, another St. Valentine was the Bishop of Terni in the 1400s.
  • The saint we honor is officially known as St. Valentine of Roma. But there are about a dozen men named St. Valentine, including a pope.
  • Valentine is known as the patron saint of engaged couples and happy marriages. But did you know he also watched over beekeepers, travelers, and victims of epilepsy, the plague, and fainting?
  • You can find the flower-adorned skull of St. Valentine in Rome. It’s in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer, the medieval poet, may have created Valentine’s Day with a poem he penned around 1375. It mentioned February 14th as the day that humans and birds come together to find a mate.
  • There’s not just one date to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. You can also choose January 7th, July 6th, July 25th, July 30th or even November 3rd because of other St. Valentines.

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