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Spanish MVP TV Commercial: “Y Hablamos Español”

Jessica is a Lead Medical Technician at Maryland Vein Professionals. Originally from Los Angeles, we recently filmed her to be our Spanish spokesperson to appeal to our growing number of Hispanic patients.

Watch the Spanish MVP TV commercial:

Jessica said: (English translation: Do you have painful, ugly legs because of varicose veins?) Tiene Ud. varices feas en sus piernas o siente dolor?

(I did.) Yo si tuve.

(Maryland Vein Professionals can make your legs look healthy again…) La clínica de Maryland Vein Professionals pueden ayudarle a lucir sus piernas bonitas y saludables otra vez…

(A board-certified MVP doctor…) Un cirujano certificado puede…

(Can perform a quick, effective treatment…) Hacerle un tratamiento rápido y efectivo…

(We accept most insurance…) Aceptamos casi todos seguros médicos…

(We’re open on Saturdays…) Estamos habiertos los Sabados…

(And we speak Spanish) Y hablamos Español.

(For a free screening, call 1-410-910-0076) Llámenos para una cita gratuita a 1-410-910-0076.

So if you have painful, aching, ugly varicose veins, call Maryland Vein Professionals today at 410-910-0076 and talk with one of our Spanish-speaking receptionists.

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