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Tips For Checking Insurance Benefits for A Formal Varicose Vein Treatment Evaluation

At Maryland Vein Professionals, the entire focus of our practice is state-of-the-art, minimally invasive vein care. Unlike others, our six convenient locations for patients in Baltimore, Washington, DC and Virginia are designed exclusively for vein care. Our team of Doctors, Sonographers, Sclerotherapists, and Administrative support personnel dedicated exclusively to your Vein Care.

To that end, we want to help you determine your insurance benefits for your Formal Evaulation prior to coming into our facilities for a varicose vein treatment. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly and follow the steps below:

1)Call the Member Services number located on your insurance card.

2)Ask the representative what the benefits are for a Specialist Office Visit and a Duplex Scan (CPT Code 93970)for symptomatic varicose veins.

3)Be sure to ask if there are any waiting periods for pre-existing conditions or exclusions on your policy for treatment of varicose veins. (Note: Some CIGNA plans, in particular, have specific exclusions for treatment of varicose veins, regardless of whether or not it is medically necessary.)

4) If your policy requires referrals for specialty services, please be sure to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Physician prior to coming into our office for treatment.  Please Note: If you are a candidate for the Closure Procedure, Maryland Vein Professionals will check into your insurance benefits for those services once you have scheduled your Closure appointment(s).

Talk to Our Varicose Vein Medical Insurance Specialists.  For specific questions related to your insurance please email:

To find out which varicose vein treatments are covered by most types of insurance, please visitwww.MDVeinProfessionals. Or call us at 877-7MD-VEIN to schedule your venous evaluation.

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