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Video Varicose Vein Testimonials

At Maryland Vein Professionals, we focus on vein care and only vein car at each of our six convenient locations.  Watch these video varicose vein testimonials and see what just a few of Dr. Jonathan Calure’s patients say about their varicose vein treatments. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a lot more, especially if it can help eliminate your pain, swelling, bulging and heavy legs.

The Heaviness Is Gone From My Legs.
Kitty K., Laurel, MD
: From the receptionist all the way through the entire office, everyone knows the procedure As a retired nurse who’s lived through some tired legs, gone. I have energy now because the heaviness is gone from my legs. Not only do you get the procedure done correctly and the care you need, but you get the education you need that goes with that to understand why you have this, how to prevent future ones, and how to take care of your body.  Watch her varicose vein video testimonial.

I Noticed A Big Improvement Already.
George V.: There were some problems with my leg. It would cramp, get some itching and different things. Since I had this done only a week ago, I’ve noticed a big improvement already. I don’t have that problem. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think in the long-term, it’s going to benefit me a whole lot. Watch his varicose vein testimonial. Watch his varicose vein video testimonial.

Want to Find Out More?
To watch more video testimonials or find out which varicose vein treatments are covered by most types of insurance, please visit www.MDVeinProfessionals. Or call us at 877-7MD-VEIN to schedule your venous evaluation.

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