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What Are the Qualifications of a Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon?

Are you, a family member or a friend looking for an expert to treat vein symptoms like aching, throbbing, ugly varicose veins or blue-purple spider veins?

These are the qualities that board-certified veins specialists possess:

  • Experience – Each of the six MVP physicians are board-certified in general surgery, vascular surgery or phlebology. All have at least 20 years of medical expertise.
  • Empathy – Maryland Vein Professionals’ surgeons are compassionate and empathetic about their patients’ conditions and totally committed to treating each patient with the best care available.
  • Honesty – If they can help you, they’ll tell you which procedure is best for your vein problems. But if they can’t help you, you’ll get an honest answer, too.
  • Respect – These physicians have earned their respect of their staff and loyal patients since 2005 as shown in our online reviews.

To schedule a free vein screening and evaluation with a board-certified MVP surgeon, please call 877-303-8346 (VEIN) or book online at

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