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When’s the Best Time to Have a Vein Procedure?

Woman wearing red checkered dress with dots and green heels repeated on white backgroundPatients often ask us about the best time of year to have a varicose vein procedure. We usually say, “The sooner, the better”.

By scheduling an appointment in January, you can have your legs look and feel their best for spring shorts weather. (Though it’s rather difficult to envision that when the weather is so cold right now!)

Just book an appointment online at or call 1-877-7-MD-VEIN (877-763-8346) to schedule a free vein evaluation.

Meet Peter Liao, MD, PhD

Dr. Peter Liao headshot against gray backgroundDr. Liao is a board-certified General Surgeon who has a special expertise in minimally invasive endoscopic and general surgery.

He obtained his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College, then completed a PhD in Pharmacology.

He taught residents in General Surgery, Flexible Endoscopy and Advanced Laparoscopy at Union Memorial Hospital, then practiced General and Bariatric Surgery at GBMC until joining MVP.

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